Phoenix | Part II

Phoenix | Part II

Interview by Sally A. Edwards

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

This Interview first appeared in our now sold out edition, Vol.2 Nø 5.



Will you answer what your best memories are from touring?
Chris: Sorry, I don’t understand.
Thomas: Mexico, is a good story.
More French…
Thomas: No, where your best memories are.
Chris: Ah!
Branco: You can say it in English. I can say it in English again with a French accent. Let’s try it like this!
Chris: Talk with a French accent please!
Thomas: Your accent is not French enough!
Chris: The best memory is Mexico. It’s fantastic. Also in the heart of the United States and in Germany, in Berlin, because we love the city. Almost everywhere can be fantastic. We could be in the worst place in the world, and have the best moment because we will share it together. That’s the main thing.

Do you have any tips for anybody travelling?
Deck: Sunglasses. Be on time at the desk, at the check-in desk - when you check in. Yesterday I was about to miss the flight from Mexico.
Branco: We know good stores in every city. It depends on what you are looking for. I can tell you exactly where to find it.
Thomas: What places to go?

It can be anything, it can be ‘places to go’ or ‘shops to go to.’ (In my best French accent.)
Chris: Now I understand!
Deck: Sounds Russian!
Thomas: Don’t eat Sushi when you’re south of The Alps. Anywhere in the world that’s South of The Alps.
Deck: Don’t eat Cous Cous when you’re north of Lille. Haha!
Branco: This is good. Chris, tip number two…
Chris: Don’t eat Mozzarella in Norway.

Chris: We tried it.

Chris: It doesn’t work.
Branco: You want another food tip? Go local.

Changing the subject. Do you play any practical jokes on each other when you’re on tour?
Branco: Yes, we have a lot of practical jokes. Actually…
Deck: What does ‘practical’ mean?

It would be like tripping someone up, it would be in a physical form…
Branco: [Thomas]’s really good – sometimes he’s really funny, and sometimes he’s really not funny, really serious. Almost boring, but when he’s funny. He’s really funny.
Thomas: Thank you.
Branco: He tricked us when we were in Mexico pretending to be some housekeeper.
Thomas: I call everyone in the morning to wake them up, with a Mexican accent.
Branco: Speaking fake Spanish!

Do you have any side projects? I know you’re in ‘Marie Antoinette’.
Branco: Yes, that’s a side project.
You would class that as a side project, wouldn’t you?
Branco: Being actors, yes. Haha!
Thomas: [Branco and Chris] recorded a song for ‘Marie Antoinette’, and we are just in the movie entertaining the queen, but they are actually playing a song they especially wrote.
Branco: Deck said we have the plan to make a soundtrack – we would like to. It’s a wish.

Do you have any predictions on any other music, or fashion, or film or art?
Branco: Chris’ shoes, I think it’s going to be big. Can you show your shoe? I think it’s cool, I think kids in Paris are going to wear this. Tuxedo Shoes. I believe Chris is a preconnaisseur – that’s we call it in French.

How about music?
Chris: 25 Hours A Day. A French guy who did a remix for us, of our first single. He’s very cool, a kid with a guitar and lots of talent.

Are their any films you can recommend?
Thomas: Did you see ‘The Last Picture Show’? It’s one of my favourites, I will show it to Branco. It’s by Peter Bogdanovich. It’s very cool. There’s a lot of good French movies we love. One is called ‘Coup de tête’, that’s a movie with Patrick Dewaere which is our favourite French actor. I think you agree. ‘Shampoo’, I love ‘Shampoo’, the movie with Warren Beatty. ‘Carnal Knowledge’ with Art Garfunkel and Jack Nicholson. It’s a good movie. I’m telling movies you don’t know about, that are not famous because it’s more interesting so you can see it.

Did you want to talk about your stereo photography?
Branco: I can talk about that. What is it you want to know?

What it is and how you do it, why you do it and why you like it?
Branco: I bought the device in Lawrence, Kansas.

How do you view it once you’ve made it?
Branco: It’s two pictures side by side, and with special glasses. Not really special, but special lenses where you can see a stereo picture, like 3D.

What? The red lense and the blue lense?
Branco: No, it’s another technique. It’s the same thing, but with two pictures side by side. It’s older. It’s from the end of the 19th Century. If you check in our record cover in the booklet, there are two of the same photograph in the middle, but in fact it’s not exactly the same. It’s a stereo one. So if you have the right technique…
Thomas: It’s the same, but not exactly the same, it’s kind of like twins…
Branco: And you are the first to know it, because we never revealed that.

Anything else?
Chris: Deck loves Dolphins. It’s his passion.

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