TroyBoi | Part I

TroyBoi | Part I

Photography and Interview by Sarah J. Edwards

Art Direction and Styling by Sally A. Edwards

TroyBoi wears sweatshirt by Champion

Shorts by Off-White

Part III of our interview with TroyBoi from BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5

This article first appeared in our print edition, Vol.3 Nø 5


I usually stir from my sleep with a natural alarm clock of birds singing, dogs barking and speeding traffic. My daily pre-breakfast metaphorical nutrition begins with a 30 minute fix for all senses; water and a full workout with a constantly refreshed soundtrack to get my creative energy flowing. Uncovering music often takes me on longtail journey around SoundCloud and Undrtone and it was doing this a few months back I landed on SoundSnobz and subsequently TroyBoi - South London’s own Music Manipulation Specialist. Troy is like a molecular chef of music, each track created is a melting pot of genres; trap, hip hop lean, soundscapes, sharp vocal samples with an extraordinary ability to deliver big bass.

Watching Troy’s career rapidly gain momentum over the past several months and seeing the amount of excitement his music gives people internationally is a real treat. Jim Beanz and Diplo are early adopters, he’s collaborated with Flosstradamus, remixed Jack Ü’s Take ü, Father, ILoveMakonnen and Key!’s Look at Wrist and gathered millions of listens. A champion of sound, put his music in a time capsule and it would no doubt give you a good idea of how 2015 looks.

So, it’s up the hidden rooms at Soho’s L’Escargot, we meet for the first time. Troy is laid-back, maintains a refreshingly positive attitude and a wicked sense of humour – soundtracking our shoot with fits of the giggles.

Can you tell us how you got into producing?

“I have always had a keen interest in creating my own music from a very young age, whether it was banging out rhythms on my Mum’s pots and pans as an infant to creating melodies on my first Casio light up keyboard when I was 9-years-old. I first got into music producing when I was in secondary school when I was 13 or 14 years old. I was in a music lesson at school and in my classroom there was an upper year student sitting at the back, in front of a computer and a keyboard. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was ‘producing music’. I watched him create a drum pattern using the keyboard and he loaded it into to the computer. He then did the exact same thing with the bass, piano and synths. I literally couldn’t believe what I was witnessing because up to that moment I always assumed that music was recorded live and in real time with real instruments. It was honestly a life changing moment for me. It was an excitement that I had never ever felt before in my entire life and from that day, I knew it was my calling.......I NEEDED to become a music producer. I remember going to WHSmith that weekend with my Mum and picking up Computer Music magazine that had a free copy of eJay music making software and from there my adventures began. Right up to my final year, I used to stay behind after school by myself until 6pm most nights teaching myself how to use the music software Cubase and creating my own music at the back of my classroom. I want to say a big thank you to my music teacher Mr. Morgan from my secondary school St Thomas the Apostle in Nunhead for putting up with me after school! [Laughs] I then moved on to a new music producing program called Reason 2.0 that I taught myself how to use. In 2007 or ‘08 I bought myself my first MacBook Pro with the music production program Logic 9, which again I taught myself and still use to this day to create all my music that I’ve released so far.”

Can you discuss your influences, as I imagine it to be vast and unexpected - it’d be great to hear a little about your heritage and the traditional as well as contemporary music aspects you pull into your work.

“My music influences stem from a wide range of places. My love of traditional music stems from within my ethnic roots. My Mum is Indian with Portuguese and Chinese heritage and my Dad is Nigerian. Growing up, I listened to A LOT of music coming from those countries, especially Indian music. I would sit and watch Bollywood movies for hours on end with my mum and as people who watch Bollywood movies know, they are particularly known for it’s music......every 20 minutes! [Laughs] The songs in these movies can be very sad or emotional, extremely happy or lively with the most beautiful traditional instrumentation. My parents loved listening to music, they would always have the radio on or play records. They listened to 70s disco, reggae, soul and pretty much anything that had a good rhythm. My overall love of music is because of them. Top of the Pops was ALWAYS recorded on a VHS in my house. The one artist I’m am eternally thankful for them for introducing me to is the Michael Jackson...obsessed with him as a child is an understatement! His music was and still is like a drug to me. The sound design, chord progressions, rhythms and his voice was nothing less than the work of a genius. His achievements heavily inspired me and my music. I also loved to watch a lot of epic movies like The 10 Commandments, Samson and Delilah, Ben Hur, Kings of Kings just to name few. All of these movies had the most incredible soundtracks and I was obsessed with the music. This where I developed a love of the cinematic style music. “As you can see, I was exposed to a lot of varieties of music from a very young age and little did my parents know that I was soaking up everything like a sponge. Growing up in London, I was exposed to the sounds of UK Garage, a touch of Jungle, Drum and Bass, House and Grime. These genres are some of the key foundations that play a huge role in the crafting and manipulation of the sound design behind all of my tracks. My favourite producers that I always looked up to are The Neptunes, Timberland, Just Blaze, Pharrell, Dr Dre, Scott Storch, Dark Child, Quincey Jones...just to name a few. I particulary took a liking to Timbaland because he was one of the first producers that fused the traditional music with Hip Hop......two of my favourite genres. As you already know, I LOVE traditional music and so when I heard his songs, especially Get Your Freak On... I literally lost my mind, the track was everything I could have wanted in a track. To me, he was fearless and innovative with his music. His fearlessness was the one thing that I took on board and I wanted to show the world how fearless I was with my music too.”

How would you describe your fashion style?

“My fashion style is very much like my music...eclectic, random, quirky, mismatched but somehow when I put it all together, it works! [Laughs] I do like to look good. I like clothes that people don’t usually look twice at or clothes that have that rare look about them. I must say, I LOVE a bargain. I like going to vintage shops in East London and finding cheap treasures. On the other hand, once in a blue moon I’ll get some designer items just to add a lil’ flavour to the clothes soup pot.”


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