TroyBoi | Part II

TroyBoi | Part II

Interview and Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

Art Direction and Styling by Sally A. Edwards

Troy wears T-Shirt by BLAG and Shorts by Off-White

Part II of our feature with TroyBoi from BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5



Can you talk about your sense of humour? Tell us about how you bring it into your music and your video trailers.

“I love to laugh! [Laughs] I find the stupidest things funny. My friends and I always talk in funny voices, it’s almost like an alter ego at times. I like doing impressions of different accents just for fun during conversations with my friends, it always helps to lighten the mood. These accents always play a roll in some of my songs, for example; my track 7th Sense. When I was making it, I felt it needed a vocal just before the beat dropped. I whipped out my iPhone, pulled up voice recorder and said with my best Cockney accent ‘ Come on then mate, let’s start the proceedings’ and slotted it in. Just before the second drop of that track I also recorded ‘You wot mate?!’ and slotted it in the track. It’s strange, I literally have no idea what made me come up with those lines but somehow it just seemed to work.”

You’re music has a strong online buzz, what’s been the most surprising and pleasing feedback and what do you think has been your biggest tipping point so far?

“Thank you so much. I’ve had a number of pleasing messages from fans of my music, but the ones that stand out for me are the messages from people saying that my music has helped them through serious depression or very hard times they are going through in their lives. I’ve had messages that have instantly put a lump in my throat when I read them. There is no better feeling knowing that your music is serving a much higher purpose to other people. Knowing that your music is completely changing people’s emotions and mindsets from sad to happy is the most rewarding things and it gives me the drive and motivation to continue doing what I do. I have the most amazing fans and I love them all. In regards to a tipping point, I think that my most recent collaboration with my bros Flosstradamus on Soundclash was a moment where people really started to pay more attention to me. It’s so unreal to me still, but Soundclash was probably one of the biggest tracks of last summer at all of the festivals in the US. Floss would be at their crazy shows in front of thousands of people, drop the track and people would literally lose it. I’d get sent crowd reaction videos from fans when Floss would drop the track. I would sit at home in my studio apartment and watch them all on my laptop. Honestly, it was and still is the most surreal thing to see, the crowds going crazy for a track that I co-produced standing up in my kitchen.”

Tell us about your work with Jim Beanz, how you met and what influence he’s had on your music?

“Jim Beanz is a genius and it’s such a blessing for me to be signed as one of his producers. He is literally one of the most talented musicians/songwriters I’ve ever met and is the man behind the majority of Timbaland’s most recent and most successful work. I was introduced to his team via one of my friends good friends Romey who knew a lady called Julia who was PA to his manager. Julia met up with me and listened to my tracks and she really liked what she heard. She then made a call to Jim’s manager, Vandana, who is now my amazing manager. Vandana flew into London from Philadelphia just to meet me. She listened to my music and really liked what she heard too. She then forwarded my tracks to Jim who then had the final say. He came to London a few weeks later and wanted to meet up with me. We meet up at his hotel, I played him my music and literally after we had done listening, he said he wanted me on his team. It was a such an incredible feeling to be acknowledged by someone of his stature. It was crazy for me because on Timbaland’s album ‘Shock Value’ there is a song called ‘Bombay’ that features Jim. I loved the track and I was particularly obsessed over the final part of it where Jim does his trademark vocal harmonisations. To think that years before, I had that track on repeat in my car wondering who was this dope singer...and now I’m working directly with him on tracks together still blows me away. Working with Jim is a such an exciting experience. We work extremely well together and both learn from each other. When we are in the zone making music together, it’s magic.”

Tell us about icekream and your SoundSnobz collaboration.

“icekream, where do I start with him. He is one of my best friends, my brother and my family. I have infinite love and respect for him. As well as him being one of the most kind hearted, genuine and unique characters on the planet, he is also one of the most talented and innovational producers that I know. We met in 2012 through an artist that he had signed to his own record label at the time and from the very first day we met, we hit it off immediately. We have a very unique connection as friends and an even crazier chemistry musically. icekream gave me an opportunity that people would only dream of. When I met him, I was working as an Estate Agent for 7 years, working long and hard hours, 6 days a week, but I still produced music when I would get home. He recognised my talents and believed in me so much. He sat me down one day and said he would help support me and my music. He then gave me an opportunity to leave my job and do music full time. This was a life changing moment for me. I was in a very good job, high position, making good money, I had a car, I was very comfortable. I had to make one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made in my life to give everything up for what I loved the It was a huge gamble for both of us, but I decided to take a chance, follow my heart, accept this chance sent from God and give it everything I had. From that day, as well as working on my music, SoundSnobz was formed. We were making music before but becoming a duo solidified our musical and brotherly relationship. SoundSnobz embodies all the elements of the music that we love to create. As SoundSnobz, we really get to explore different genres, create new sounds using a combination of both our styles and it gives us a chance to watch and learn from each other too. I love icekream’s production style and thoroughly enjoy watching him in action making tracks, especially when we are doing a SoundSnobz project.”

Let’s talk about beats. It’s highly competitive out there now, especially given how technology has made access to professional software much easier. Do you think it’s made it a bigger challenge to be heard?

“Every day thousands of people around the world have the same epiphany as I did when I was younger. It’s is definitely a bigger challenge to be heard, especially when you are starting out because you are immediately placed into a pool filled with millions of other producers and on top of that, your biggest inspirations in the business are also your biggest competitors. There are now hundreds of programs you can use to create music these days and all very easy to access.

Now, you can literally make beats from your iPhone while sitting on the tube on your way to work! I think it’s great that there are these options for aspiring producers because when I was growing up, there wasn’t that many options. Programs were a lot harder to get and they were way more expensive. I remember when I uploaded my first track to Soundcloud, it was a scary moment. I just sat and thought to myself, ‘This track is a grain of salt in my journey as a music producer compared to what the greats have done to achieve what they have accomplished already.’ I shrugged the thought off immediately because if I continued with that attitude, I would have probably quit after my third upload. I believed in myself, I believed in my craft and I was motivated to succeed for a better future for myself and my family.”


Size Chart

Size Chart / Fabric Composition / Finish Details

BLAG Vol.4 Nø 1 measures 297mm x 230mm, high quality stock, full colour, entirely advertisement free. 

All garments are sustainably created using the highest quality yarns and environmentally friendly practises. Care: Cool wash only, don't iron art.

Items are measured flat across under arms and flat down from highest point shoulder to neck. Sweatpants flat across the waist and flat from waist to hem. 

Organic Pullover Hoodie
100% Organic Combed Cotton, Brushed
Finish: Double-lined drawstring hood, with optional pull cords, brushed fleece inside, headphones loop at neck and hole in pocket. Side pockets. Ribbed cuffs and waistband.
XS 19.75" x 23.75", S 20.75" x 25", M 22" x 26.25, L 23.25" x 27.5", XL 24.5" x 28.5", XXL 25.5" x 29.75"

Premium Pullover Hoodie
80% Combed Cotton, 20% Polyester
Finish: Double-lined drawstring hood, with optional pull cords, brushed fleece inside, headphones loop at neck and hole in pocket. Side pockets. Ribbed cuffs and waistband.
XS 18.5" x 26.75", S 19.75" x 28", M 20.75" x 29.25", L 22" x 30.25", XL 23.25" x 31.5", XXL 24.5" x 32.75"

Sweatshirt - Drop Sleeve
80% Combed Cotton, 20% Polyester.
Finish: Ultra soft brushed inside fabric. Beautifully finished drop sleeve, ribbed neck, cuffs and waistband. Superior quality.
XS 18.75" x 24", S 20" x 24.75", M 21.25" x 25.5", L 22.5" x 26.5", XL 23.5" x 27.25", XXL 23.75" x 28"

T-Shirt - Classic Style Unisex
Fabric: 100% Combed Organic Cotton
Finish: Ribbed neck, fitted sleeve at shoulder, side seams.
XS 18.75" x 26.75", S 19.75" x 27.5", M 21" x 28.25", L 22 x 29.25", XL 23.5" x 30", XXL 25.25" x 30.75"

Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Classic Cut
Fabric: 100% Combed Organic Cotton
Finish: Ribbed Neck, side seam, loose sleeve, fitted at shoulder
S 19.75” x 26.75”, M 21” x 27.5”, L 22” x 28.25”, XL 23.5” x 29.25”, XXL 25.25” x 30”

T-Shirt - Bamboo
70% Bamboo Viscose 30% Organic Cotton
Finish: Super soft, Ribbed neck, fitted sleeve at shoulder, side seams.
S 19" x 26.75", M 20" x 27.5", L 21.25" x 28.25", XL 22.5" x 29.25", XXL 23.5" x 30"

T-Shirt - Rolled Sleeves
Fabric: 100% Combed Organic Cotton
Finish: Ribbed neck, fitted sleeve at shoulder, side seams. Rolled Sleeve secured.
S 18.75" x 27.5", M 20" x 28.25", L 21" x 29.25", XL 22.25 x 30 (XXL up available as classic plain white organic t-shirt)

Women's Vest / Tank
100% Tencel Lyocell (Eucalyptus
S 16.75" x 26.5", M 17.75 x 27.25", L 18.75" x 28" (XL available in White, Heather White or Heather Grey unisex style only 21.75" x 29.75")

Unisex Vest / Tank
100% Combed Cotton, Heather Grey: 85% Cotton, 15% Viscose, Heather White: 99% Cotton, 1% Viscose
S 18.75" x 27.25" M 19.75" x 28.25", L 20.75" x 29", XL 21.75" x 29.75"

Baseball Style Shirt
Fabric: 100% Organic Combed Cotton
Finish: 3/4 length raglan sleeve and curved hem
XS 18.5" x 26.5", S 19.5" x 27.25", M 20.5" x 28.25", L 21.5" x 29.25", XL 22.5" x 30", XXL 23.5" x 30.75"

Fabric: 100% Organic Combed Cotton
Finish: Panelled legs, rib finish pockets, drawstring waist and rib cuff at ankles
XS 12.5" x 37", S 13.5" x 38.25", M 14.25" x 39.5", L 15" x 39.75", XL 15.75" x 40.25", XXL 16.5" x 40.5"  

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